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  1. Austin Robinson says:

    Is there a treatment for sleeplessness that doesn’t include needles or aromatherapy?

    • Pam D says:

      Yes, I use Auricular (ear) points with electrical stimulus, instead of needles. Also, I stimulate the points with vibration (tuning forks) for those sensitive to needles. About 40% of my practice is children starting at the age of one week, so I use tuning forks daily for specific protocols.

  2. Vera Martinez says:

    I would like to know if you all treat Bells Palsey?

  3. Lourdes Raupe says:

    Can acupuncture treat shingles? I had a case of shingles without a rash last September that has left me with post-hermetic neuralgia on the C-6 nerve that affects my right wrist/lower arm/thumb and wonder if this is something that would help. I would like to get off the drug I’m on right now. Don’t like side-effects; it’s helping some, but not enough. Interested in your approach.

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