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Affordable, Compassionate Healing for All

The only Texas Community Clinic outside of the Austin/San Marcos area, we serve the greater Fort Worth community with a sliding scale of $30-$50 per treatment.  You decide on the treatment fee within that range so that you can afford to come as often as needed for you to get better and stay better. There is also a one-time assessment/paper work fee of $15 on your initial visit.

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Practitioners working out of AWCC

We are pleased to announce that we currently have four practitioners working out of AWCC.

Acupuncturist – 

            Pam Durham

Massage/Body Work Therapists -

           Rachel Smith and  Elizabeth Pacheco

You may go to our online appointment system and schedule your appointment for any of these practitioners.

Looking forward to seeing you at Acupuncture Wellness Community Clinic!

Online Appointment System

It is here!!  The online appointment system powered by Appointment-Plus.  Just use the button below to make your appointment online.  Let us know how you like this feature.

Providing community clinic treatments Monday through Friday and on select Saturdays.  Same day appointments are available on most days.

Book an appointment with Acupuncture Wellness Community Clinic
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In the Fort Worth Medical District

Acupuncture Wellness Community Clinic
1502 W Magnolia Avenue
Ft Worth,  TX   76104



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